Crush Your Next HTML Interview: Top Questions You Need to Know

HTML is the most used language to make and develop web pages. It helps you to master your skills in web development. If you are a fresher or a working professional in web development, these HTML interview questions and answers will guide you to master the field of HTML related interviews.

HTML Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

What is HTML?

The full form of HTML is a hypertext markup language. It is the most fundamental building in web development. This markup language tells a web browser how to display images, texts, and different forms of media on a page. HTML pages are memorized in the browser by adding .html or .html in the web page name.

What is HTML formatting?

When words are formatted with HTML, they are both more readable and visually appealing. HTML offers a substitute for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) if you don’t want to use it for text formatting. It’s straightforward to change the way text is shown thanks to HTML’s extensive tag library. You can generate original terms within a text by using these tags.

How to insert the copyright symbol on a browser page using HTML?

The HTML iframe tag is used to show a webpage. In other words, it offers a webpage within a webpage. The HTML <iframe> tag defines the inline frame.

What is a style sheet?

You may create a consistent, portable, and well-designed style in the style sheet. Due to their adaptability, these themes can be utilised for more than one website. To learn how a markup language document should look, just glance at the document style sheet.

What are the entities in HTML?

HTML character entities replace characters that can’t be used in HTML code. You can also use entities to stand in for characters you don’t have on your keyboard. Some characters are changed because HTML doesn’t let you use all characters.

What are the limits of the text field size?

A text field’s default size is about 13 characters. Adding the size attribute, on the other hand, lets you set the size value to 1. The width of the browser will be used to figure out the largest size value. If the size attribute is set to 0, 13 characters will be used as the default size.

What is the relationship between rule attributes and the border?

A border of one pixel’s thickness is added between cells whenever the border property is given a value other than zero. If the border attribute is missing from the table> element after the rules attribute has been added, a boundary of 1 pixel will be added automatically.

What do you mean by the button tag?

HTML 5 uses the button tag. It is used to make a button that can be clicked inside an HTML form on a web page. This tag creates a button that says “submit” or “reset.”

HTML Interview Questions For Experienced Professionals

What is the difference between HTML and XHTML?

  HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language.XHTML stands for Extensible Hypertext Markup Language.
    It is extended from SGML.It is grown from XML and HTML.
Doctype is not necessary to write at the top.Doctype is essential to register at the top of the file.
It is unnecessary to close the tags in the order they are opened.It is necessary to complete the tags in the order they are opened.
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Why is a meta tag used in HTML?

A meta tag is a special kind of HTML tag that describes the document’s metadata. Data like page keywords, author, and description are included here. Nevertheless, unlike other HTML tags, a meta tag is not rendered in the final page.

Even though most search engines no longer utilise meta tags to rank websites, they are still useful for SEO. In addition, they can boost a website’s clickthrough rate.

Meta tags are also known as description tags, meta description tags, and metadata tags.

Differentiate between HTML and CSS?

  HTML is a markup language used to design web pages & web applications.CSS is a sheet language responsible for presenting documents written in a markup language.  
The content is surrounded by tags. For Example: <p> Hello, and welcome to EducationNest!It has selectors that are followed by a declaration mark. For Example:header: The background is pink
it can’t be used in a CSS file.It can be used in an HTML file.  

How many versions of HTML are there?

 HTML has many versions for example:  HTML 4, HTML 5, and XHTML.

how active links and normal links are different?

Blue is the default color for normal and active links. Some browsers know a link is active when the mouse cursor is over it. On the other hand, know that a link is active when it is the centre of attention. Links that don’t have a mouse cursor over them are normal links.

Can the text appear outside of the browser?

Text is wrapped by default so that it fits in the browser window. But if the text is in a table cell with a set width, it could go outside the browser window.

What do you mean by semantic HTML?

HTML Interview Questions and Answers

HTML semantics is a term for the tags that give an HTML page more than a pretty look. It makes HTML easier to understand by clarifying the different parts and layouts of web pages.

What is the benefit of combining some checkboxes?

The boxes don’t have any effect on each other. But putting these checkboxes in groups helps keep them in order. You can give checkbox buttons names, and they don’t have to be in groups. On a single web page, there can be more than one group of checkboxes.

Define the term SVG.

In HTML SVG, we talk about two-dimensional graphics, such as those made with vector and raster techniques. XML files explain in a technical way what SVG graphics are and how they work..

Define responsive web design.

Using responsive web design ensures that your site will display properly regardless of the device being used to access it. Only HTML and CSS are utilised in responsive web design. Unfortunately, a responsive web design script or tool does not yet exist.


Today technological knowledge is essential for everyone to excel in technology. These HTML questions and answers are for freshers and working professionals preparing for the upcoming interviews. This post will help them to gain an edge over the competitors and revise the concepts of HTML. You can use these questions to improve your interview responses and get a feeling for what types of questions might be asked. You can therefore enter the interview with a better confidence and preparation.

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