Software Testing Interview Questions: Your Ultimate Guide for Preparing

Regarding CRM (customer relationship management) services, Salesforce is at the top of the industry. With a market share of over 40%, this software is the leader in cloud CRM. This blog Software Testing Interview Questions has been compiled to help you learn about Salesforce interviews.

Check out these common Salesforce testing interview questions to quickly get a job that has to do with Salesforce.

The more experience you gain, the more you realise that the questions you ask and the answers you provide in an interview reveal a lot about your excitement and degree of interest in a product, business, or organisation. Salesforce, the most powerful CRM solution in the world, fits this description well. You can use these QA interview questions to prepare for your following interview and ensure it goes well.

Software Testing Interview Questions

What does “Salesforce” mean?

This is a classic example of a simple Salesforce interview question to see if you can quickly and accurately put relevant information together. So, here is a clear and concise answer to the salesforce interview question: Salesforce is the only company that offers low-cost Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software as a service (software-as-a-service) (SaaS).

What does it mean to be self-relational?

A lookup relationship that points to the same item is called a self-connection. Customers can use this idea to apply a product like “Merchandise” to other products.

What is a general overview of object relationships?

The object relationship overview in Salesforce shows a list of records showing how custom and standard objects are linked. This is an excellent way to track what people say about a specific product. Users of Salesforce can set up different relationships by adding unique connection fields to an entity.

What are some reasons why Salesforce data could be lost?

Software Testing Interview Questions

Many things could cause Salesforce data to be lost, such as:

  • Periods and information that change.
  • Change between formats for numbers, money, and percentages.
  • Changing the current structures of the picklist, checkbox, and auto-numbering to others.
  • Change from “no picklist” to “multi-select picklist.”
  • Going to an automatic numbering system for everything but text.
  • Change from free-form text to fields for email, phone numbers, web addresses, and plain text.

Why does Salesforce use SaaS?

Because SaaS is based on a subscription model, users can cancel their subscriptions and continue using the service at any time. The only thing that will happen is that they will no longer be able to use Salesforce. SaaS’s primary goal is to help its customers cut down on expensive overhead costs. SaaS apps are the norm. They are web-based and easy to integrate.

How does Salesforce keep track of the sales that are made?

The Salesforce keeps track of a lot of helpful information. Some of the most important are:

  • Everyday customer were served.
  • Average Daily Income
  • The Detailed Reports from the Sales Manager
  • Data on monthly and quarterly sales

Salesforce tracks and reports on how returning customers behave, which is the lifeblood of a sales organisation.

How many different kinds of partnerships does offer?

There are two kinds of connections that can be made in Salesforce:

  • Master-detail 
  • Lookup

How do triggers work?

The trigger is a code that runs before or after an entry is saved or added to a database.

What is so great about Salesforce CRM?

Here are a few of the best things about Salesforce CRM:

  • Increasing the chances of quick and successful sales
  • Using data-driven strategies to expand clientele
  • Getting prices down and increasing customer satisfaction at the same time
  • A machine can do routine or unimportant tasks.
  • On all fronts, there has been a rise in productivity and clarity.

Explain what a custom object is in Salesforce

Most of the time, custom objects are just tables in your Salesforce database. All business-related information can be saved on To do this, a connector object, which is a custom object, is needed. The bespoke item has a link between the Master and the Detail. We can make a Master-Detail link between two things and then link a child element as a list. Custom objects, which you can set up in Custom Settings, have a set of data structures that can be used repeatedly.

Defining the custom object is one step in the procedure. After that, do the following.

  • Use the unique object to combine data sets.
  • One can make lists with information about amazing things.
  • Make sure that the tab for the custom item is separate.
  • Create site maps
  • Make a report and a dashboard to look at the performance of the custom object.
  • Not only that, but the unique tab, programme, and object can all be shared with others.

List the different ways that Salesforce objects are linked to each other

The connections between objects in Salesforce can take any of the following forms:

  • Many to one
  • Many to many
  • Master-Detail

What is an app in Salesforce?

In Salesforce, an app is a package with its name, logo, and tabs that all work together to do a single task. The app has a drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the page, making it easy to switch between apps.

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What are Workflows in Salesforce? What do we mean when we say “Actions” in a Workflow?

In Salesforce, a workflow is a container or application logic engine that automates steps based on conditions that have already been set. The procedures are carried out when the needs are met. If they don’t, the record will still be kept, but nothing else will happen.

There are two different kinds of workflow actions in Salesforce, which are:

  • Whenever a record is made or changed, measures are taken right away.
  • An action that depends on time happens after a certain amount of time has passed, like ten days before the records close.

After a particular time, Salesforce’s workflow rules will look at the data again to ensure that the rule parameters are still met. If the record is a match, aligned tasks will be done.

How do relationships between masters and details work?

In a master-detail relationship, the “master” is like the father, and the “details” are like the child. If the parent is taken away, the child is also taken away. Roll-up summary fields can only be added to master records. These fields are then used to find all child records’ SUM, AVG, and MIN values.

What is a Connected App?

Connected Apps is a platform for integrating third-party software with Salesforce. It uses application programming interfaces (APIs) and industry-standard protocols. Industry-standard protocols like SAML, OAuth, and OpenID Connect single support sign-on (SSO) for third-party applications. With the help of the Connected app, Salesforce administrators can control who can use the connected apps and ensure security rules are followed.

Can a user have more than one profile?

The user’s profile determines whether or not they can use Salesforce. There could be many people with the same shape. Let’s say the company’s admin has decided to make a sales profile. Administrators now have to ensure that many staff members share a single sales profile.

But the administrator can only access the profile if sales reps can see the operating revenue. As a result, the same user can’t be linked to both shapes.

When is an Audit Trail needed?

The Audit Trail feature in Salesforce helps gather information or track the most recent configuration changes made by admins. In the audit trail, data can be kept for up to six months.

Describe the interface for managing Salesforce

The “dashboard” in Salesforce is a graphical summary. A limit of 20 reports can be added to a dashboard.

What’s the difference between SOQL and SOSL?

SOQL and SOSL are ways to talk about Salesforce’s object query and search languages. You’re right if you think that Salesforce does things along its path.

What’s a Wrapper Class?

By making each instance of a wrapper class a bundle of other objects, Visualforce can show more than one thing on a single table.


Most companies’ sales and marketing automation plans now revolve around Salesforce, and talented administrators are in higher demand than ever. But there is also a lot of competition for job openings, so it’s essential to be ready.

You can prepare for Salesforce interviews and do well if you look over these 20 Salesforce testing interview questions. Read them carefully if you want to make a good impression on employers.

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