The Ultimate Guide to CAPTCHA Code: Meaning and Working

We can understand the meaning of captcha by the full form, Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. 

You may remember lines like “I am not a robot” and others like them. These are some of the most common questions asked to figure out who is trying to get into a website.

In this blog post we will discuss what is a captcha example ,how to enter captcha correctly, captcha full form, what is captcha calculation and what is captcha verification. 

What is Captcha code?

CAPTCHA stands for the Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell computers and people apart. You can use CAPTCHAs to tell the difference between real users and automatic users, like bots. CAPTCHAs give problems that are difficult for computers to solve but not very difficult for people. For example, finding letters that have been stretched or clicking in a certain spot.

Uses of Captcha

  • Preventing Ticket inflation: Using CAPTCHA, booking systems can stop scalpers from buying a lot of tickets to sell on the black market. It can also be used to stop people from signing up for free events more than once.
  • Carrying on poll accuracy: CAPTCHAs can stop polls from being skewed because they make sure that each vote is made by a real person. Even though this doesn’t limit the total number of votes that can be made, it makes each vote take longer, which makes people less likely to vote more than once.
  • Evaluating registration for services: CAPTCHAs can stop fake accounts from being made by bots that spam registration systems. Limiting account creation keeps a service’s resources from being wasted and makes it harder for scams to happen.
  • Preventing fake form clicks: This is important and useful when a few hackers take over online forms and fill them out with fake or spam information. CAPTCHA can be used to solve this problem.

Types & Examples of CAPTCHA 

  • Honeypot Captcha: Honeypot CAPTCHA is a type of CAPTCHA that is similar to treasure-hunt CAPTCHA. It is one of the hardest kinds of CAPTCHA that exist right now. In Honeypot CAPTCHA, users have to look for things that are hidden on the screen. Most of the time, it’s easy for bots to break the CAPTCHA, but experts are also working on this problem thanks to new technologies.
  • Math problem captcha: Problems in math CAPTCHAs have simple math questions like “Solve 1+3” or “Solve 1+9.” Access will be given or taken away based on how well the person answers. This is one of the most common CAPTCHAs because robots, also called “bots,” can’t figure out how to answer questions that use human logic. Most of the time, this is done on WordPress or HTML blogs.
  • Confident Captcha: This is another type of CAPTCHA that is often used. It tells you to find things that match the question. For example, if CAPTCHA asks you to find traffic lights, you will have to find the same thing on the screen. The pictures might be in a grid that is set or changes over time.
  • Image based captcha: This CAPTCHA method shows you a bunch of pictures and asks you to pick a certain kind of picture. For example, among other things, CAPTCHA might ask you to find pictures of traffic lights. Sometimes the pictures would go together, and sometimes they wouldn’t. There will be a “skip” choice if there are no similar images.

The “skip” button might also be there to trick you when there are pictures that look alike. This is because people think that bots can’t think logically.

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What Is Captcha Verification?

Captcha is a test that makes sure an online form is filled out by a real person and not by a computer program. It’s made so that bots, services that automatically enter contests, hackers, and other automated logins can’t use the system to their advantage.

Can you fail a Captcha?

The CAPTCHA test helps figure out who is a real person and who is a computer program. That’s because someone would have to find a way to teach a computer how to pass the test for it to fail. In other words, every time CAPTCHA doesn’t work, it’s really a step forward for AI.

Disadvantages Of Using Captcha

Imagine the following. You are ringing a doorbell. They want you to show that you are a person. They can see you are a person as clear as day. You might also ask, “Why would bots come to your house now?! This is what people think when they see a CAPTCHA. 

Statistics show that people get angry and leave the site. This would change how many people watch you. People often ask the question, “Are you a human?” or something similar rubs their ego the wrong way.

One way to stop a hack is to use CAPTCHA. It has been shown that CAPTCHA tests are only partially effective at preventing breaches. So, it is correct to say that putting it on your site or app would only help in some ways.


We come to the end of this blog post, The idea of CAPTCHA is growing all the time, and it will take some time before it is handy and safe. In the days to come, CAPTCHA is likely to grow.

Also, if you know why CAPTCHA is used and if you use it correctly, you can stop spam bots from coming to your sites.

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