Top Web Developer Interview Questions: The Ultimate Guide

Web development is at its peak right now. Every company wants to make their online presence on internet by a website. The need for a web developer who can make good functional websites are in demand. With this demand there comes a need for good web developers and more competition in interviews. It is very important for the candidates to prepare for web development interview questions and answers earlier.

So in this blog post we will discuss about the Top 20 Web Developer Interview Questions and Answers, common interview questions for web developer, web developer interview answers, web developer interview tips, web developer technical interview questions and web developer coding interview questions.

Common Interview Questions and Answers for Web developer

Why do we use Canvas in HTML?

Canvas was added to HTML5 so that users could use JavaScript to make graphics on the go. There are many different ways to make paths, circles, boxes, images, and more in <canvas>.

What are the key responsibilities of a web developer?

  • Create, Design, Develop and test the applications.
  • Updating websites for better server performance.
  • Provide support with good practices for managing the website.

What is Etag, and how does it work?

An ETag known as an opaque identifier, and it is generally given by the webserver. It is mostly used within the same version of the resources that the URL points to.

 ETag is an important part of HTTP. It reads client requests to find out if the file should be sent (HTTP 200) or if the client should be told about the file through a local copy (HTTP 304).

What does SVG stands for and why do we use it?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics and It is used to show graphics that are built on vectors on the web. The graphics it can show are based on a file called XML. With SVG, the graphic material is of a higher quality, which means that the user can provide high-quality images.

What are some newly made input types in HTML 5?

  • Date
  • Color
  • Email
  • Month

How can we reduce the page loading time?

  • Reducing the image size
  • Removing the unwanted widgets
  • Reducing the lookups
  • Compressing the HTTP

What are the new features introduced in CSS3?

  • More animation
  • More custom layouts
  • More Media queries
  • Rounded corners

How many types of CSS are used?

 There are 3 types of CSS

  • Inline CSS
  • External CSS
  • Embedded CSS

Why do we use selectors in CSS?

Inline items that need to be styled use a CSS selector along with a rule. With the use of selectors, it is easy to find and choose HTML parts based on their name, ID, attribute, etc.

Why do we use grouping in CSS3?

Grouping is a feature of CSS3 that lets users use the same CSS style element on various HTML entities with just one declaration statement.

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Web Developer Interview Questions and Answers for experienced

What do you mean by pagination? How can it be implemented?

A website’s pagination is just a list of the pages in order. These pages are linked to each other and show similar information to users.

A common example is the page selector on an e-commerce site, which lets users look at goods on different pages instead of scrolling up and down on just one.

Which components are there in CSS box model?

There are four components:

  • Border
  • Content
  • Margin
  • Padding

What do you understand by Z-index in CSS?

Z-index is a CSS property that tells how the parts on a web page should be arranged. It works based on order numbers, which say that a higher-order element will come before a lower-order element.

Why do web developers prefer external style sheets?

  • Can reuse the classes
  • Style control of many documents by a single file
  • Grouping and selectors can be used to apply the styles easily

What do you mean by pair programming?

Pair programming is when you and a coworker work closely together on a project. This is done to solve the problems at hand. If the development is happening quickly, Agile development might not be the best way to go. The interviewer asks this question to find out how well and easily you can work with other people.

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Web Developer Technical Interview Questions

How can we change the styles and classes in elements by javascript?

Using the following code, you can easily change an element’s classes and styles with JavaScript:

Modify styles: document.getElementById(“input”).style.fontSize = “12”;

Modify class: document.getElementById(“button”).className = “classname”;

What do you mean by undeclared and undefined variables in Javascript?

Undeclared variable is a variable that is used in a program without being stated.

Undefined variables are variables that have been stated but haven’t been set up yet.

For example:

var undefVar;

alert(undefVar); // undefined variable

alert(not declared); // accessing an undeclared variable

What result do we get if a Jquery event handler returns false?

If the jQuery Event Handler gives a boolean value of false, it just means that the event won’t run any further and will stop the action it’s connected to.

What do you mean by pair programming?

Pair programming is when you and a coworker work closely together on a project. This is done to help solve the problems at hand. If the development is happening quickly, Agile development might not be the best way to go.

How to handle a type conversion in JavaScript?

JavaScript can automatically change between types. Since it is loosely typed, it is easy to pass a function into another function as an argument.

This makes sure that there are no errors or warnings about data types, since values are immediately changed to the right type.

Web Developer Interview Tips

  • Understand the structure of the interview.
  • Know about the type of tests will be taken during the interview.
  • Prepare in advance for the interview about the web development interview questions.
  • Rehearse and revise before the interview about the things which can be asked during your interview.
  • Be confident and calm.
  • Keep a smiling face.
  • Don’t panic.


So here we come to the end of our blog post on Top 20 Web Developer Interview Questions and Answers. We hope that these web development interview questions will help you to ace your upcoming web developer interview.

All the best.

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