30+ General Knowledge Questions With Answers: Cheat Sheet For 2023

General knowledge questions can be about anything. For example, science, India, current events, the world, technology, literature, history, and more. You can improve your skills and knowledge by mastering GK questions. Individuals who take the time to learn and remember information from many different sources become smarter and do better professionally. Being a student,if you take the time to read these GK questions with answers, you will be ahead of other students. As global competition heats up, it becomes more and more important to learn outside of the classroom.

Check out the interesting general knowledge questions below to improve your general knowledge and how well you do in school. This is also a great way to prepare for a wide range of quizzes and tests, including entrance exams. 

Here, we will be covering 50 GK questions with answers. We will include various forms like multiple choice, fill in the blanks and more. So, let’s begin!

Multiple Choice General Knowledge Questions with Answers

GK questions and answers

Let us explore a few multiple choice GK questions. The drill is simple, you are given four choices and you have to choose the correct answer. Below is a list of 15 GK questions with answers

What is the capital of Australia?

  • a) Sydney
  • b) Melbourne
  • c) Canberra
  • d) Perth

Correct answer: c) Canberra

Who painted the Mona Lisa?

  • a) Vincent van Gogh
  • b) Pablo Picasso
  • c) Leonardo da Vinci
  • d) Michelangelo

Correct answer: c) Leonardo da Vinci

What is the largest ocean in the world?

  • a) Atlantic Ocean
  • b) Indian Ocean
  • c) Arctic Ocean
  • d) Pacific Ocean

Correct answer: d) Pacific Ocean

Which planet is known as the “Red Planet”?

  • a) Venus
  • b) Mars
  • c) Jupiter
  • d) Saturn

Correct answer: b) Mars

Who wrote the play “Romeo and Juliet”?

  • a) William Shakespeare
  • b) Jane Austen
  • c) Charles Dickens
  • d) F. Scott Fitzgerald

Correct answer: a) William Shakespeare

What is the currency of Japan?

  • a) Yen
  • b) Euro
  • c) Dollar
  • d) Rupee

Correct answer: a) Yen

Which country is home to the famous ancient monument Stonehenge?

  • a) France
  • b) United Kingdom
  • c) Italy
  • d) Egypt

Correct answer: b) United Kingdom

Who is the author of the Harry Potter book series?

  • a) J.R.R. Tolkien
  • b) J.K. Rowling
  • c) George R.R. Martin
  • d) Dan Brown

Correct answer: b) J.K. Rowling

Which country is known as the “Land of the Rising Sun”?

  • a) China
  • b) South Korea
  • c) Japan
  • d) Thailand

Correct answer: c) Japan

What is the tallest mountain in the world?

  • a) Mount Kilimanjaro
  • b) Mount Everest
  • c) Mount McKinley
  • d) Mount Fuji

Correct answer: b) Mount Everest

Who painted the famous artwork “The Starry Night”?

  • a) Salvador Dalí
  • b) Pablo Picasso
  • c) Vincent van Gogh
  • d) Claude Monet

Correct answer: c) Vincent van Gogh

What is the official language of Brazil?

  • a) Spanish
  • b) Portuguese
  • c) French
  • d) English

Correct answer: b) Portuguese

Which continent is the most populous?

  • a) Asia
  • b) Africa
  • c) Europe
  • d) North America

Correct answer: a) Asia

Who invented the telephone?

  • a) Thomas Edison
  • b) Alexander Graham Bell
  • c) Nikola Tesla
  • d) Isaac Newton

Correct answer: b) Alexander Graham Bell

What is the largest organ in the human body?

  • a) Heart
  • b) Liver
  • c) Brain
  • d) Skin

Correct answer: d) Skin

So, these were 15 multiple choice gk questions. How many of them were you able to guess correctly?

Next, let’s move on to fill in the blank gk questions.

Fill in the Blank General Knowledge Questions

GK knowledge

Let’s explore 10 gk questions of ‘fill in the blank’ form.

The Great Wall of __________ is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Answer: China

The currency of Germany is the __________.

Answer: Euro

The world’s largest desert is the __________.

Answer: Sahara

The Olympic Games are held every __________ years.

Answer: four

The largest planet in our solar system is __________.

Answer: Jupiter

The famous scientist __________ developed the theory of relativity.

Answer: Albert Einstein

The highest mountain range in the world is the __________.

Answer: Himalayas

The currency of Russia is the __________.

Answer: Russian ruble

The famous painting “The Last Supper” was created by __________.

Answer: Leonardo da Vinci

The chemical symbol for gold is __________.

Answer: Au

Undoubtedly, these questions are very helpful for gaining knowledge. Were you able to guess the correct answers?

Lastly, let’s explore simple one word GK questions with answers.

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25 GK Questions with One Word Answers

General knowledge questions and answers

Finally, we will be discovering general knowledge questions with one word answer.

What is the capital of France?

What is the largest planet in our solar system?

What is the chemical symbol for hydrogen?

Which continent is home to the Amazon rainforest?

Who painted the famous artwork “The Scream”?

What is the largest ocean on Earth?

What is the primary language spoken in Brazil?

What is the largest artery in the human body?

What is the capital of Canada?

What is the chemical symbol for silver?

Who wrote the novel “Pride and Prejudice”?

Which country is known as the “Land of the Rising Sun”?

What is the largest species of penguin?

Who is the Greek god of the sea?

What is the national animal of Australia?

What is the chemical symbol for oxygen?

Which country is famous for the Great Pyramids?

What is the largest continent on Earth?

Who is the author of the Harry Potter book series?

What is the highest mountain in Africa?

What is the capital of India?

What is the chemical symbol for carbon?

Which instrument measures earthquakes?

Who discovered penicillin?

What is the national flower of Japan?

Did you know the answer to these questions? If not, you must learn them now. These questions will definitely help you in increasing your general knowledge and become a trivia champion.


In conclusion, learning new things is a lifelong process that gives us new perspectives, deepens our understanding of the world, and lets us have meaningful conversations. We embrace the joy of learning by learning about different things and asking ourselves tough questions. So, let’s keep satisfying our curiosity, learning new things, and appreciating the wonders of the world around us. Remember that every question can lead us to something interesting and make us want to learn more. Have fun discovering!

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