How to Stay Safe Online: Understanding Cyberstalking

Today anyone can get stalked with cyberstalking. Now cyberstalking is known as a big crime specially used by criminals to know about people through digital platforms and does not have a physical presence. It is a growing issue and most of them are women.

In this blog post we will discuss in depth what is cyberstalking, explain with example, methods of cyberstalking,cyberstalking examples ,how to prevent cyberstalking and

purpose of cyberstalking

What Is Cyberstalking?

 Cyberstalking is known as a crime in which a person uses the internet or other technologies to abuse or follow someone online. This online harassment, which goes beyond cyberbullying and stalking in person, can come in the form of emails, text messages, social media posts, and more. It is often planned, constant, and methodical.

Cyberstalking often starts with interactions that seem harmless but turn into a pattern that is annoying or scary. Some people even find the beginning of cyberstalking funny and lighthearted, but it stops being funny when the person being stalked keeps talking to them even after they’ve told them they don’t like it and asked them to stop.

Cyberstalking doesn’t have to involve direct contact, and some people who are being stalked online might not even know it. Different ways can be used to keep an eye on the victims, and the information gathered can later be used for crimes like identity theft. Some stalkers even bother their victims in person and call their friends to make trouble for them.


Examples of Cyberstalking

Cyberstalkers use different kinds of techniques to harass people. Here are some examples:

  • Creating fake posts to defame the victim
  • Continuously messaging the victim
  • Hacking victim’s online accounts
  • Keep an eye on victim’s accounts
  • Tracking online movement of the victim through devices
  • Using hacks to get into victim’s mobile phones and laptops

Purpose of Cyberstalking

There can be many different purposes for stalking someone online. It is different for every person by there can be some common purposes which are there behind cyberstalking

  • Obsession with someone:

It can be one of the purposes where the stalker is obsessed with the person he or she is stalking to know each and everything about the victim just because the stalker is obsessed with the victim.

  • Revenge:

The purpose behind stalking someone can be revenge. The stalker wants revenge from the victim that’s why the stalker is stalking the victim.

  • Harassment:

Cyberstalkers want to enjoy themselves by harassing someone online and it can be like they enjoy troubling people.

Methods of Cyberstalking

  • Cyber Bullying:

A kind of bullying done through the use of digital platforms or communication devices like mobile phones, laptops and computers.

  • Online Job frauds:

Online job fraud is a scam that tries to take advantage of people who are looking for work by giving them false hope or promises of better jobs with higher pay.

  • Keep a track of check-ins on social media:

Keep an eye on the victim’s movement through social media check-ins to get to know their current locations.

  • Controlling their webcams:

Laptop’s webcam can be hacked by the hackers by introducing malware infected files to the victim’s computer

  • Installing stalkerware:

Without the victim’s knowledge, stalker ware can track their position, read their texts and web browsing history, make audio recordings, and more.

  • Phishing:

Phishing is a kind of fraud in which personal information like Customer ID, IPIN, Credit/Debit Card number, Card expiry date, CVV number, etc. is stolen through emails that look like they come from a genuine source.

  • Spamming:

Spam is when someone gets a marketing message they didn’t ask for through email, SMS, MMS, or any other similar electronic messaging service. They might try to get the person to buy a product or service or go to a website where he can buy things, or they might try to trick him or her into giving out information about his or her bank account or credit card.

  • Data breach:

It is a very common thing done by hackers. It is an incident in which the information is accessed without the victim’s authorization or knowledge.

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How To Prevent Cyberstalking

 there are a lot ways by which you can stay away from cyberstalkers and prevent yourself from cyber crimes

  • Avoid disclosing sensitive information:

Many people share personal information about themselves all the time, even when they’re not on social media. By filling out surveys or sending in applications for freebies, you make it more likely that someone will get their hands on your personal information, which could make cyberstalking easier.

  • Hide your IP address:

Many applications and services reveal your IP address to the person with whom you’re communicating. This may not seem important, but it has to do with your personal information.

  • Keep a low profile:

Some people find it hard to keep a low profile online, especially if they need to use online tools for business or to promote themselves. But many people would be better off if they slowed down a bit.

  • Disable Data Broker Sites:

One bad thing about the internet is that your data may have been saved on certain websites or platforms, with or without your understanding. If the information gets into the wrong hands, like a cyberstalker, you could be threatened and harassed in a very bad way. People could use information they find, like your email address, phone number, and home address, to scare you or make up lies about you.

  • Improve Privacy Settings:

You should try to stop a cyberstalker and also make your private settings better. People haven’t always been careful with their privacy and security settings, which has given scammers backdoor access to important information.

You might be able to keep your online ID safe if you use strong passwords and turn on two-factor authentication on your social media sites.


 In this blog post , we have covered almost all topics related to cyberstalking and also told about how to prevent cyberstalking, keep yourself safe by reading this blog on cyberstalking.

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