The Ultimate Guide: 13 Salesforce Interview Questions and Best Answers for 2023

Review these frequently asked Salesforce interview questions and answers to land your ideal position as a Salesforce specialist.

Salesforce is a robust CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that provides businesses with various tools and functions for managing customer connections, sales processes, and corporate operations.

 Salesforce Interview Questions

Basic Salesforce Interview Questions

Below is a list of Salesforce Interview questions and answers for applicants with two to five years of experience

  1. What is the finest feature of Salesforce CRM?

Here are some of the top Salesforce CRM features:

  • Ensuring that sales opportunities arise sooner and more frequently
  • Obtaining new clients can be less expensive and more beneficial to customers if you utilize a data-driven strategy.
  • Routine and minor tasks are completed automatically, saving time and making it easier for everyone to communicate with one another.
  1.  In Salesforce, define objects.

A related list in Salesforce can connect the information of both standard and custom objects. It is accomplished through an overview of the object interaction. Relationships of many kinds can be formed to link certain business cases with specific clients. You can create many types of associations and bespoke connections between things.

  1. Explain why using the SaaS tool with Salesforce is a good idea.

Salesforce SaaS has a lot of significant advantages, including:

  • Its “pay as you go” business model works well for all users.
  • Infrastructure is relatively easy to manage.
  • All apps are accessible via the Internet.
  • simple application fusion
  • Uptime and security are guaranteed, and the most recent features are immediately available.
  • A success that varies according to the job
  • With a smart device, you may gain access from anywhere.
  1. In what way Salesforce tracks sales ?

Salesforce excels in tracking little data such as sales figures, customer information, clients handled, clients who return, etc. Salesforce makes creating comprehensive sales reports, charts, and screens simple.

  1. What does this have to do with Salesforce Workflows? 

A workflow in Salesforce is essentially a container or business logic engine that automates certain operations depending on previously defined variables. The tasks will be completed if the prerequisites are met. Even if they don’t, the record is saved, but nothing happens.

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Salesforce Interview Q&A 0n Triggers  

Below are some Salesforce interview questions and answers related to triggers.

  1. What does a Salesforce trigger mean?

An Apex trigger is a line of code that runs before or after a record is added, changed, or deleted. You can add your logic and methods to how the database works.

  1. What kinds of Salesforce events are there?

 In Salesforce, there are two kinds of triggers. These are Before and After triggers before triggers are run before the data is put into the database. After triggers run after the data has been added to the database.

  1. What does “trigger context” mean in Salesforce?

 “Trigger context” is an implicit term in Apex that tells you about the setting where a trigger is being run. It says what kind of thing, event, or record is being processed.

  1. What makes a before trigger different from an after trigger?

 Before triggers run before the data is saved to the database, they are often used to check or change data. Triggers are used for tasks that must reach the database, such as changing related records. After the info has been saved, these things are done.

  1.  Can a trigger be set off right away in Salesforce?

 No, you can’t manually set off Salesforce warnings. Some database tasks, like adding, updating, or removing records, are done instantly when they happen.

Scenario Based Salesforce Interview Questions

Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers for 2023

Here are some scenario-based Salesforce Interview questions and answers.

  1. Whenever a new Account record is created, a Contact record with a specific role should also be created automatically. What would you do in this situation?

To accomplish this, I would utilize an “After Insert” trigger on the Account object. The trigger would create a new Contact record with the appropriate task for each new Account record. 

  1. Users should not be allowed to delete closed-won or closed-lost chances in instance two. How would you go about doing this?

 By adding a Before Delete trigger to the Opportunity object, you can prevent users from removing Opportunities in specific instances. When a chance is closed-won or closed-lost, the trigger checks to ensure it cannot be erased. 

  1. Which states that an email should be sent to the Account’s primary contact every time a Case record is created. What would you do in this situation?

 By utilizing a Before Insert trigger on the Case object, you may send an email alert anytime a new Case record is created. The trigger would send an email alert after contacting the Account’s primary contact.


Salesforce provides a wide range of services in the modern world, including CRM, cloud computing, automation, AI, analytics, solutions for specific enterprises, collaboration, and mobile engagement. Hence Salesforce professional demand is increasing day by day. 

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