Top AI Art Generator Tools in 2023

AI image generators are an exciting new technology that can turn simple prompts into realistic looking scenes. In this blog, we will look at some of the best AI art generator tools. We will show you how to use them to make your own incredible art. In 2023, AI image generators will become more complex and advanced. They can create unique designs. These tools help designers by saving them time and overcoming creative blocks. This opens up many creative possibilities. We will explore a list of AI image generators online that can help you be creative, have fun, and be impressed! 

We’ll see how modern AI art generators can change the creative industry. But first, let’s understand what AI image generators actually are.

What is an AI Art Generator?

An AI art generator is a revolutionary tool that uses artificial intelligence to make images. It learns patterns, styles, and features from existing datasets. Then it makes new graphics based on what it learned. For example, if you give it a simple prompt for a landing page template, it will turn that prompt into an image. These technologies can be used for design, art, and research. They allow users to make original, realistic visuals. By changing the input settings, users can guide the AI’s creative process to get unique results. AI image generators show how AI can mimic human creativity. They have the potential to change fields that rely on visual output.

Now, we will be exploring a list of AI image generators online.

Top AI Art Generator Tools

AI art generator tools

There are several innovative AI platforms that can use neural networks to make impressive images. This shows how AI could shape the visuals we see. These AI image creators demonstrate the potential of artificial intelligence to change our visual experiences.

We will first present the list in tabular format and then explore each of the AI image generators online.

AI Art Generator NameUsesSupported Operating SystemsLink
Deep Dream GeneratorArtistic image generation, style transferWindows, macOS, Linux
Runway MLCreative image and video generationWindows, macOS, Linux
DALL-EText-to-image generationWeb-based (All OS)
ArtbreederBlend and manipulate imagesWeb-based (All OS)
This Person Does Not ExistGenerate realistic human facesWeb-based (All OS)
NVIDIA GauGANConvert sketches into realistic imagesWindows, Linux (NVIDIA GPU)
DeepAIImage style transfer, art generationWeb-based (All OS)
VQ-VAE-2High-quality image synthesisPython (Various OS)

Now, let’s get a brief introduction about each of these AI art generator tools.

Deep Dream AI Art Generator

Uses: Deep Dream Generator is a tool that turns your photos into psychedelic, dream-like artworks. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze your images and then adds surreal and artistic patterns and shapes to them.

Supporting OS: It works on Windows, macOS, and Linux computers.

Runway ML AI Art Generator

Uses: Runway ML is like a creative toolbox. It can help you create unique images and videos using AI. You can make your own art or even bring animations to life. It’s a versatile tool for artists and creators.

Supporting OS: It’s available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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Uses: DALL-E is a tool that can generate images from text descriptions. You tell it what you want, and it creates pictures based on your words. It’s fun and can be used for various creative projects.

Supporting OS: DALL-E is web-based, so you can use it on any computer with an internet connection.

Artbreeder AI art Generator

Uses: Artbreeder lets you blend and manipulate images to create new and unique pictures. You can mix different photos to generate artworks. It’s a great way to experiment with visual creativity.

Supporting OS: Artbreeder is also web-based, so it’s accessible on all operating systems.

This Person Does Not Exist

Uses: This tool generates realistic images of people who don’t actually exist. It’s fascinating to see how AI can create lifelike faces from scratch. You can use these images for various purposes.

Supporting OS: It’s a web-based tool and works on any operating system.


Uses: NVIDIA GauGAN can transform simple sketches into stunning, realistic images. You draw a rough picture, and it turns it into a beautiful artwork. It’s perfect for artists and designers.

Supporting OS: It’s available for Windows and Linux but requires an NVIDIA GPU.


Uses: DeepAI is a web-based tool that can change the style of your images. It can make your photos look like famous paintings or give them a unique touch. It’s a simple way to add artistic flair to your pictures.

Supporting OS: It’s accessible through a web browser on any operating system.


Uses: VQ-VAE-2 is a powerful tool for high-quality image synthesis. It can generate stunning pictures with intricate details. It’s useful for researchers and advanced users.

Supporting OS: It’s a Python library and can be used on various operating systems.

Well, we have discussed various AI image generator tools above. 

Some are free AI image generators and there are also various pricing plans for each of them. You can visit their websites to know about each tool in detail.


The future of AI image generators is really exciting! The AI tools we talked about in this blog will change how art, design, education, and social media visuals are made.

Artists and designers can work with AI to make mind-blowing images that are hard to even imagine. In schools and colleges, AI-made pictures will make learning more interesting with different images. Using simple prompts, you can turn complicated stuff into more exciting learning resources. Also, on social media, get ready for posts with incredible AI images and videos that tell stories and connect people in new ways.

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