Understanding the Salesforce Security Token: A Comprehensive Guide

Salesforce is a good platform for making cloud-based software to help firms for finding more leads means more sales and leaves a good impression on clients. In this blog post, we will talk about salesforce security token, what is my salesforce security token,how to get my salesforce security token,how to use salesforce security token, and where to find security token in salesforce lightning.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce began as a company that sold CRM software as a service (SaaS). Salesforce now offers a variety of software options and a platform that users and developers can use to create and share their own software. Multi-tenant design is the foundation of Salesforce.com. This means that more than one customer uses the same technology, and they all use the most recent version. You don’t have to worry about infrastructure or application upgrades because they happen naturally. This lets your company focus on coming up with new ideas instead of handling technology.  

What is Salesforce Security Token?

Salesforce security token
  • To access Salesforce using API, you need a password and a Salesforce security token, which is an alphanumeric key.
  • The token is meant to enhance security between the user and Salesforce.com if the user’s account is hacked.
  • One of the guarantees is that if a user’s account information is stolen, a third party cannot access Salesforce through an API or from an unsecured network.
  • To access Salesforce, you will need a user’s security token and password. The application offers two ways to enter the security token.
  • The code has been added to the end of your password without using a space.
  • You need to enter both the tokens and login in different fields.

Why does Salesforce.com use security tokens?

  • Salesforce.com has added an extra layer of availability for users and external programs.
  • If you’re creating a web service and using the Web services API or tools like Info Loader or the Force.com IDE, remember to include a security token at the end of your passwords.
  • In order to enhance security, security tokens are included with Crm passwords. This is done when the IP address goes beyond the trusted IP range.
  • You don’t need a security token if your IP address is within a trusted range.
  • To automatically classify a security token, a 24-character alphanumeric string is used.
  • They consider the situation.
  • A security token is never used more than once, even when a new one needs to be issued.

How to use a Salesforce security token?

  • The security token must always follow the password directly.
  • To authenticate, the user needs to enter “passwordxyzabc” if their newly generated token is “xyzabc” and their previous password is “password.”
  • When we upgrade the admin privileges, we need to be very careful because it could disrupt apps that are currently running and prevent users from accessing them.
  • To ensure a seamless experience for new users who solely use the API, we recommend creating a dedicated user account. For this account, it is advisable to set the passwords to never expire, especially for external applications.

When is your salesforce security code reset?

  • When a client changes their password, their security token also resets.
  • This combination will also not work if Salesforce is connected to external applications 
  • using that client’s security token.
  • Whenever you update the password for the account used to connect with Salesforce and other applications, you will need to provide your new security token once more.

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Salesforce security token deactivated

  • When a customer is deactivated in Salesforce, their security token is invalidated because they no longer have an active Salesforce client account.
  • Moreover, the deactivation of a client would result in the failure of API mixes that rely on the security token of said client.

Where to find your salesforce token?

  • To log in using the Salesforce API, you will need a security token.
  • A security token is a combination of letters and numbers that you can use as part of your passwords or enter into a specific field in a client application.
  • Your security token is not displayed in your settings or profile.
  • You would have received it by mail when you first created your account or the last time you reset your password.
  • When you change your password, you will receive an email containing a new security token. You can reset your token on its own.
  • Once your token has been reset, it will no longer be recognized by desktop clients and API applications.


Salesforce’s growth is expected to speed up if the company continues investing in new technologies and sales tools. Furthermore, the increasing number of mobile salesforce applications is helping salesforce expand its presence. This is because companies are actively seeking ways to enhance productivity and efficiency.

I hope this blog post cleared your doubts about the salesforce security token, what my salesforce security token is, how to get my salesforce security token, and how to use the salesforce security token.

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