What is Marketing Management: Why is it Important?

Marketing Management is the process for increasing the sales and developing the business presence. Incorporating good Marketing strategies will help your company to reach their potential customers easily which will benefit the company in many ways like increased sales, more customer retention and will help the company to achieve their goals.

In this blog post we will talk about Marketing Management, Essentials of Marketing Management and essentials of service Marketing.

What is Marketing Management?

It is a process which many marketers use to engage and communicate with more customers.

It is the process of planning, analyzing, and putting into action ideas about how a business can reach and connect with possible customers. Management in Marketing lets businesses target specific customers and build ties with them, which can lead to profits. It also makes it easier to meet the needs of people and make them happy. With this creative process, businesses can learn more about their customers and come up with ways to meet their needs.

  • Setting goals and coming up with Marketing plans
  • Doing study on the market
  • Devising Marketing plans
  • figuring out who a company wants to sell to
  • Taking care of information on different channels (like social media, email Marketing, etc.) and in different formats (like text, pictures, videos, and podcasts)
  • Putting Marketing tactics and plans into action
marketing management

Management Philosophies in Marketing: Basic Marketing concepts

Production concept:

It means that consumers are sensitive to price and they will buy the product which is cheaper to its competition and widely available. This will lead to more sales.

Product concept:

This concept means that the customers will buy the product which is better in quality and provide more reliability. Product concept tells us that if a product is of good quality the customers will pay a higher price for it.

Selling concept:

It means that people need to be influenced to buy the products they don’t actually need the product but because of these factors they purchase the product. Heavy promotions are the key reasons for this.

Marketing concept:

The Marketing idea says that a company’s success depends on how happy its customers are. It says that companies should first ask customers what they want and need, and then make goods based on what they say.

Societal Marketing concept:

The Marketing concept says that a company’s success depends on how well it meets its customers’ needs and wants. The social Marketing concept says that companies should think about the long-term interests of customers and society as a whole while meeting their needs and wants. It is a way of thinking about business that is good for society.

Holistic Marketing concept:

The holistic Marketing concept is based on the idea that an organization is a system made up of different parts that all work together. For Marketing to work well, all of these parts should work toward the same goal as efficiently as possible.

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Importance of Marketing Management

Reaching and attracting more buyers:

In Marketing, the goal of Management is to bring in possible customers and help the business grow. The amount of sales of a certain product may have a direct effect on income and profits. When the number of customers goes up, the company’s total revenue can go up as well.

More profits:

For a business to stay competitive in the market, it may need to make money. When you market a product, using good Management methods can help you make more money from each sale.

Satisfying customer needs:

This management method can be a great way to figure out what customers want. It could help companies make plans that focus on meeting customer needs and building long-term ties with them. For long-term success in the market, the most important thing is to have the best goods and great customer service.

What do Marketing Managers do?

Even though Marketing managers do different things depending on the business or industry, in general, you can expect them to lead or help with basic Marketing management tasks and keep the Marketing department on track.

  • Analyze the product and market fit
  • Make a Marketing strategy
  • Creating the brand’s mission
  • Track Marketing metrics
  • Make a great team


Marketing management is essential for all businesses that wish to grow in future. Marketing helps you to reach more customers and retain them in your business. Marketing can also influence the buyer’s purchase decisions easily with good Marketing campaigns and can help the brand to build a good brand image using correct Marketing campaigns.

Lastly, Marketing is very important for your business to stay in competition for a long time.

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