BEST Cloud Certificates for 2023

Currently, cloud computing is the #1 concern for IT leaders around the world. Cloud utilization has been boosted by improved internet access, decreased cloud computing prices, new technologies, and the widespread digitization of services due to the pandemic. A strong cloud certificates will enable you to convince hiring managers of your skills and close any knowledge gaps in this highly competitive industry.

Mentioned below are some of the best Cloud Certifications available to boost your career in cloud computing.

  1. Google Associate Cloud Engineer
Google Associate Cloud Engineer

An Associate Cloud Engineer manages the operations of numerous projects, oversees the delivery of apps and infrastructure, and maintains business solutions to guarantee that performance objectives are met. An Associate Cloud Engineer has experience with both on-premises and public clouds. 

This is the most crucial Google Cloud credential for software developers, programmers, and engineers. Holders of this certification will be responsible for overseeing and maintaining operations and deploying web applications hosted in the cloud. 

This certification requires the following skills: 

  • Basic knowledge of the services and products offered by the Google Cloud Platform 
  • Comprehension of fundamental cloud concepts like virtualisation, containers, and networking 

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate 

Average annual wage: $109,415 in the USA

Employers include: Google, Goldman Sachs, and Deutsche Bank.

  1. Google Professional Cloud Architect
Google Professional Cloud Architect

You must be able to plan and design a cloud solution architecture to get the title of cloud architect. Professional cloud architect  Manage and set up the infrastructure for the cloud solution. They also design for compliance and security. 

This certification evaluates your skills in architecture design and planning, infrastructure management and provisioning, and design for compliance and security. 

Suppose you have experience in IT and want to become a solution architect for Google Cloud technologies like Big Table, Big Query, and other GCP platform services. In that case, this is the perfect Cloud Google certification for you. 

This certification requires the following skills: 

  • Mastery in command-line 
  • Linux operating system, & systems operations
  • Three or more years of experience

Level of Difficulty: Hard

Average annual wage: $140,000 in the USA

Employers include Google, Deutsche Bank, and Goldmann Sachs.

  1. Google Professional Data Engineer
Google Professional Data Engineer

Google Professional Data Engineer is primarily designed for Data Engineers who possess the required GCP working skills. 

This cloud certification will test your abilities in designing, building, securing, and administering data processing systems. Additionally, you should be able to create Machine Learning models and get data processing platforms ready for use. Further, you must convert the business information into a form that can be used for analysis to maximise GCP data processing.

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This certification requires the following skills: 

  • Three years of professional experience 
  • Minimum one year of hands-on experience managing and building cloud solutions using the Google Cloud Platform

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate

Average annual wage: US$92,385 in the USA

Employers include:  TCS, IBM, Accenture, and Capgemini.

  1. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

Professionals with working experience as System Administrators in operations, administration, and deployment on AWS are eligible for the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator certification. 

Additionally, this certification confirms your abilities to create and manage data flow, recognise the best AWS operations use cases, select an AWS service based on requirements, and more. 

Professionals who want to demonstrate their competence and obtain certification choose this certification. Professionals, including Operations Managers and System Administrators, also take up this certification to enhance their existing knowledge. However, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator certification can also be taken by a programmer or developer who wants to learn more and broaden their skill set.

This certification requires the following skills: 

  • Understanding of the AWS CLI and its SDKs and API tools 
  • Understanding of network technologies 
  • Knowledge of the AWS tenets 
  • Combined understanding of security principles with practical expertise in putting security measures into place and satisfying compliance requirements

Level of Difficulty: intermediate

Average annual wage: $111,966 in the USA

Employers include:  Amazon, IBM, TCS, Oracle, and Capgemini.

  1.  AWS Certified Developer – Associate
AWS Certified Developer – Associate

For experts in cloud programming, the AWS Developer Associate certification is among the most coveted in the industry. If software engineers and programmers are interested in creating cloud-native apps, this Cloud Computing Certification is the one for them. 

A person’s capacity to successfully showcase developing and sustaining applications on the AWS platform is evaluated by an Amazon Web Services test. 

It certifies your proficiency with a variety of programming languages, the architecture of AWS, its key services, application lifecycle management, and much more. 

To pass this certification, you also need to be an expert in building, deploying, and debugging cloud-based apps on the Amazon cloud and can write programmes for serverless apps.

This certification requires the following skills: 

  • Become familiar with the AWS shared responsibility model. 
  • Create applications using the AWS service’s APIs, CLI, and SDKs. 
  • Utilise and communicate with AWS services. 
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline should be used to release apps on AWS. 
  • Describe the main components of AWS services.

Level of Difficulty: intermediate

Average annual wage: $130,272 in the USA

Employers include:  cognizant, Wipro, and L&T Infotech.

  1.  AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
Cloud Certificates

According to Amazon, the fundamental level AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is intended for candidates who can “effectively exhibit a general understanding of the AWS Cloud.” 

This test confirms a candidate’s comprehension of fundamental architectural and cloud infrastructure concepts and important AWS services. The Cloud certification summarises AWS’s significant services, security, network, etc. 

This certification is perfect for those who are just starting with cloud computing or want to learn more about the AWS cloud platform. 

This certification requires the following skills: 

  • Establishing a plan to implement cloud solutions 
  • Developing cloud-based solutions 
  • Control over the architecture being developed for AWS platforms 
  • Being able to use and implement AWS solutions and applications 
  • Administration and oversight of cloud platforms

Level of Difficulty: easy

Average annual wage: $130,883 in the USA

Employers include: Amazon, IBM, Capgemini, Mindtree, and Iqvia.

To conclude, this article on Cloud certifications will help you understand how some certificates operate and what abilities you must possess before applying and also enables you to get perspective on your future job in cloud computing. 

These certificates have been created and organised to enable people with different professional backgrounds. It will advise you on the certifications you should concentrate on based on the market’s demand, your skill set, and your profile.

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